A complete breakdown of what not to do when launching your first digital product.

Five things I wish I knew before launching my first digital product
Five things I wish I knew before launching my first digital product
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Last year I decided to launch my first ever digital product on the internet and you might have guessed from the title of this story that it did not do very well as I had made some mistakes that I wished I had not made but hopefully you guys would be learning from my mistakes and make your digital products successful.

The digital product that I launched was an icon pack for iOS and iPadOS and this might sound like a weird digital product, but hear me out because it was actually a good choice and it could have potentially…

A complete breakdown of how I received a five-times ROI

Picture taken from Unsplash from a guy named André, @silverhousehd
Picture taken from Unsplash from a guy named André, @silverhousehd

I would like to clear it out right away with a disclaimer that this is not a piece of financial advice, this is just an experience that I had last year investing at the right time in a technology I believed in. So I would urge you to do your due diligence before taking action.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way I would like to explain how exactly I found an opportunity and invested my money. As you are all aware of the fact that a deadly outbreak happened last year called coronavirus or COVID-19 and the…

Highlighting the adverse effects that people encounter because of social media and how to tackle those problems to live a healthy life.

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I am sure most of the people reading this would have a social media presence, but what is the actual purpose that social media fulfils?

It is to connect people with others. And with the help of the internet, these platforms can connect people all over the world.

Currently, we are all going through a very challenging time, but with the help of the internet and social media, we are connected with our friends and family. And connecting people with one another has countless benefits in itself such as raising voices of the people who are facing unjust measures like…

Amazing article, learnt a lot about cardano and now I am definitely getting into this train because of the possibility of the gains you showed.

After months of rumours, redesigned Tesla Models have been unveiled and they are amazing!

Photo by Dylan Scarsone Apexpixel on Unsplash

Tesla has announced the first-ever redesign of Tesla Model S since it had first launched the electric sedan in 2012. The Tesla Model S has a refreshed exterior, a simplified interior, and the option for a more powerful powertrain that lets the Plaid+ model travel at least 520 miles and go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 1.99 seconds. Along with the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X has also received somewhat similar improvements in its interior and functionality making the already good electric SUV even better. …

Gary Vaynerchuck is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and an internet personality who has been trying his best to change the perspective of the youth all around the world.

As a young child, he operated a lemonade stand franchise and encourages young child doing the same in a lot of his Instagram videos. He made thousand during his teens by selling baseball cards. At the age of 14, he entered the family wine business. After college, he grew that company from $3 million to $60 million in just five years.

And he has not yet stopped from 14 years old…

Photo by Abbilyn Zavgorodniaia on Unsplash

Buildings have been all around the world and they have been the best source of shelter for mankind for a very long time. The design and architecture of buildings got innovated with time all around the world. Construction of houses started from wooden pieces held together to make walls and roofs of those houses were made by the leftover tree branches and large leaves if available. Those houses were not strong enough, water entered these houses when it rained and these houses would also get demolished in case of a tornado, tsunami, or earthquake. Then houses and buildings got developed…

Dalgona Coffee

This delicious and creamy coffee was non-existing until January 26, Vice reports. It first appeared on a Korean TV show in January. In the show, actor Jung Il-Woo traveled to Macau and tried the coffee, which resembles the Korean toffee candy Dalgona.

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus — COVID-19 that has taken place in recent times, people have been practicing social distancing which means that most of the people who used to buy their morning coffees on their way to work don’t get to buy it anymore. …

Life will only teach you how to become an average person. You can only be an average person in a society, if you follow the path that other people you meet in your life around you in the society follow. Even your parents make you follow that path. And from a parents perspective it is okay to follow that path. Completing your education and getting yourself a degree of either a doctor or engineer is okay from their perspective because they can’t see their children being a person who has no influence in the society, who can not create a…

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