Why is Dalgona Coffee Trending right now?

Dalgona Coffee

This delicious and creamy coffee was non-existing until January 26, Vice reports. It first appeared on a Korean TV show in January. In the show, actor Jung Il-Woo traveled to Macau and tried the coffee, which resembles the Korean toffee candy Dalgona.

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus — COVID-19 that has taken place in recent times, people have been practicing social distancing which means that most of the people who used to buy their morning coffees on their way to work don’t get to buy it anymore. Which encouraged those people to try something new that would be as good as their regular coffee fix, and that’s where South Korea’s Dalgona Coffee got tried out by people all around the world and it became trending within weeks.

From TikTok videos to Instagram posts, dalgona coffee has been all over the internet from the past few weeks. At the time I am writing this there are 261,818 posts on Instagram with #DalgonaCoffee tag. There have been multiple tutorials on YouTube on how to achieve the perfect two-tone look that it has. The simplicity of the recipe of dalgona coffee encouraged everyone to try it out to get themselves caffeinated at home while practicing social distancing. All you need to do is to combine equal parts instant coffee, sugar, hot water, and whip them together until a creamy texture of coffee is achieved. And some cold milk into it and VOILA you have your dalgona coffee ready at your home.

In case if you have never heard of this coffee before then I suggest you do try it out for your self while in your quarantine and practicing social distancing. It is a fun and trouble-free activity and the result is mouth-watering.

And don’t forget to take part in the hashtags of TikTok and Instagram and connect with your friends and family as well because it is perfect quarantine content for the viewers on the gram and a delicious food item for you to enjoy.

Check out this tutorial to get more insight on how to make it.


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